Gelida イカ墨ソース
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Venetian style Cuttlefish and vegetables Black ink sauce (Frozen)


Stefano's Frozen Ink Sauce is made by gently braising onions, garlic, celery and carrots in extra virgin olive oil, then cuttlefish and white wine is added and finally tomato and squid ink is added and stewed for 2 hours.
Can be used on your favorite pasta sauce!



● 電子レンジ又はフライパンで温める。

Ingredients・原材料 ----------------


Size・内容量 ------------------------

2 bags, 150g x 2袋

 Allergens・アレルギー -------------

● 乳製品、小麦粉、

ATTENTION・注意) 私たちのキッチンでは、そば粉をはじめとする様々な種類の小麦粉扱っていますので、お問い合わせください。In our kitchen we regularly handle different kind of flours including buckwheat, please call us for further inquiries, thank you.



1)食べたいものだけを解凍して下さい 2)再冷凍しないで下さい 3)温まったらすぐを食べてください。4)残っている場合冷蔵庫に保存してください。5)冷蔵庫で1日以上保存しないでください。
1)Do not refreeze; 2)once warmed up、please eat straight away; 3)keep in fridge if left over; 4)when thaw、please do not keep in fridge for more than one day。


* Images shown are only for illustration purpose only. We tried to be as faithful as possible to the original but in some cases colors may vary from the actual product.